Cademario is the ideal starting point for countless hikes into the picturesque Malcantone


The 300 kilometre walkways lead to some wonderful viewing platforms with views of lake and mountains, through typical Tessin villages and wonderful horse-chestnut woods.
One of the landmarks of the region is Mount Lema, which can be reached on foot or with the cable-car from Migliegia. The climate ranges from mild to lightly stimulating.

You can combine your hike with a bus ride however you like thanks to Malcatone’s tightly knit network of postal car lines. Three different lines stop in front of the hotel entrance.

During your stay, you benefit from the Ticino Ticket (free for all hotel guests): Ride for free on all public transport, 20-30% discount off cable cars, 20% discount off ship day passes as well as interesting discounts throughout all of Ticino.

Cademario, place of captivating idyll and power

Sunny Cademario is 800 metre above sea level and is about twelve kilometres away from Lugano. The view over the Capriasca to the borders to Italy and down over the Lugano lake is a real vision. Embedded in the middle of a unique woodland landscape this favourite trip location has lost none of its idyllic charm.

Something really worth seeing is the Sant’Ambrogio church with its frescoes from the 13th century, as well as the old village centre with its tight alleyways.

Near Cademario you find the “Alpe Agra” nature reserve, 935 metres above sea level. It is registered as a protective zone of national importance in the Federal inventory of amphibian spawning areas.

The city of Lugano is not far from Cademario

You can reach Lugano in about 20 minutes from the hotel by car or in 35 minutes by the Postauto service. This is the meeting place for strolling and shopping. Or you can visit the numerous exhibitions and musical, cultural and sporting events.

A boat trip to the fishing village Gandria, or trips to the Lugano Haus mountains where Mount San Salvatore and Mount Brè are some of the highlights.