300 kilometres of biking- what fun
Welcome to the densest mountain-bike network in Switzerland! More than 300 km of signposted and well maintained tracks make Tessin a paradise for bikers and cyclists.  Whether you are a downhill specialist, or an endurance freak or just a comfortable moped rider – you all have a large selection of routes and trails available
Opens external link in new window353: Tresa Bike /Ponte Tresa–Pura–Castelrotto–Ponte Tresa (18km)
Opens external link in new window354: Malcantone Bike /Ponte Tresa–Miglieglia–Astano–Ponte Tresa (30 km)
Opens external link in new window355: Castagno Bike /Magliaso–Vezio–Arosio–Magliaso (34 km)
Opens external link in new window66:   Malcantone / Lugano Bike (120 km)
Opens external link in new windowThe Hotel & Spa Cacciatori is a certificated Swiss Bike Hotel
To bikers guest we offer:
• Free Mountainbikes rental
• Maps and proposals for Bikers
• Possibility to take a shower even on the day of departure after check out
The Biotop Alpe di Agra can be visited on foot and with a moped.
The Biotop Alpe di Agra can be visited on foot and with a moped.
Variety on Monte Tamaro
A special attraction for bikers is Monte Tamaro. Besides the two classic mountain bike-stretches there is a downhill-ride from Alpe Foppa to the middle station and a free-ride-stretch from the middle station to Rivera (Valley station). The bike park at the middle station offers fun and excitement for all bicycle-acrobats.

E-Bike Park Ticino
Those wishing for a bit more comfort should visit the E-Bike Park Ticino  Here you will  “experience” places of interest, the best views and cultural highlights of Tessin with your e-bike.  With over 30 rental points at stations and in hotels the e-bike park offers countless touring opportunities from “pleasurable and comfortable” to “full of action and challenging”. 

World championship stretch
The  Opens external link in new windowCross Country track , established on the occasion of the world championship in 2003 is 5 km long.  With a maximal height difference of 70 metres it is technically pretty challenging and intended for sports people initially, who are used to high levels of difficulty. Thanks to an alternative stretch for less experienced bikers the most technically difficult stretch can be avoided.  The stretch was designed by Thomas Frischknecht (winner of the world championship marathon in that same year0, Mathias Arpagus was contracted with the construction. The result is a winding, fast and difficult track

The Tessin is an absolute moped-paradise with its unique combination of attractive routes and breathtaking landscape. We are happy to advise you at the hotel and assist in selecting the appropriate bike for you, 

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