Menu Prices in CHF
Mixed salad 9.-
Salmon trout carpaccio (raw) with basil and olive oil 20.-
Assortment of cured meats ticino style 16.-
Cold veal with tuna sauce 14.-
Minestrone 8.-
Chestnut and lentils soup 8.-
Spaghetti with tomato sauce or with garlic, oil and hot pepper 14.-
Meat – filled ravioli with cream and walnut sauce 17.-
Ricotta – filled tortelloni with rocket pesto 17.-
Polenta and porcini mushrooms 20.-
Braised beef with polenta 19.-
Veal „Osso Buco“ gremolata with polenta 24.-
Beef steak with café de paris butter with french fries 24.-
Minced rabbit saddle fillets with sage and polenta 30.-
Veal “piccata” Milanese style with potato gratin 34.-