Valley, mountain and plains at the same time

The Malcantone is something really special in Tessin, embedded between the chain of mountains  Mount Tamaro - Mount Lema and the Val d’Agno. Neither valley, nor mountain nor plain, but rather a little of each.  The original villagers, rich in art and historic monuments, make good starting points for inexhaustible trekking opportunities.  Expansive chestnut and birch woods characterise the landscape and provide a protective sense of peace.

The Malcantone has been the “Belcantone” for a long time, and knows how to charm with its unadulterated nature and its mild climate. Its natural locations such as Caslano on the Lugano lake, Sessa at the base of Mount Lema or  Cademario are more attractive now than ever before.

Furthermore since 2003, the Malcantone has held the accolade of «pure Switzerland», which the Swiss tourist board has awarded to a total of 12 regions in the country. It represents gentle tourism with a serious landscape protection.  Everyone wins: holiday guests, local residents and nature

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